Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pure Land

 “PURE LAND“ is a performative, danced confrontation with the relationship between human and earth. This relationship is expressed in the tension of the spiritual with the physical from . In the human struggle for consciousness. „Pure Land“ refers to the Buddha – field, but is possibly also an approach to a Christian, mental idea of the paradise.

Throughout the numerous hours spent in the woods during the film production the dancer Nora Ruzsics consciously took the earth as a finely divided matter into her hands, and buried herself between the roots and the underground wildlife, becoming a lively part of it, to be able to perform the following process:
part 1 / a being appears, which breaks off the earth.
part 2 / an earthly being is moving, awake with all senses, the way animals are, a dakini, a female with convertible wild temperament, which acts as encouraging inspiration and as an examiner in the
spiritual practice.
part 3 / the connection to the fauna, the story assigns the role of the practitioner to the viewer – tender and with the power of beauty.