Curriculum Vitae

born 1974 in Csorna, Hungary 


1988 - 1992    Highschool for fine and applied art in Budapest, Hungary
1992 - 1997   Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, master class for sculpture, Prof. Michelangelo Pistoletto, with diploma
1997 - 1998    Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, master class for new media, Prof. Peter Kogler
2002 - 2005    Education (Diploma) for contemporary dance and dance theater at Spiral(e), Vienna, Austria
since 2008      various workshops in dance and film, and courses for and with children
2009               foundation of the label norarufilm 
2012               Training in Sustainable Business and CSR - at plenum ltd. for holistic sustainable development , with a diploma for accredited CSR Consultant (Corporate Social Responsibility)
2013-14          Course “Pioneers of Change“ ( – education and supervision for projects of social change


1999              Artist in Residence in Mexico City
2000 - 2001   Artist Residence in New York City
2001              Scholarship for artistic photography in Rome / Italy (Austrian Ministery for Art and Culture)
2014 - 2015 Traveling with the art project Art Embassy – Signals fort he promised land, from Colombia trough Central America to L.A. / California


1999      Facts for the visitor, 3D-fotography, La Panaderia, Mexico City, Mexico
              3D-s, 3D-fotography, Artcenter Sittard, Netherlands
              3D-s, 3D-fotography, Castello Coldrano, Italy
2000    Geisterstunde“ (witching hour), foto installation, project Innere Sicherheit“ (inner security), Casino Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, Austria
2001      Sail I, outdoor installation, D’Art, Pier 40, New York City, USA
2002      Once again, 3D-Fotografie, Soho in Ottakring, Vienna, Austria
2003      Raumbild, 3D-Fotografie, Austrian Forum for Culture, Rome, Italy
              Department of Eroticism, 3D-photography, A&M, Valencia Biennale, Spain
2004      Sail III, outdoor installation, Viertelfestival, Austria
2011      Waterplace(fountain object), exhibition in the context of ROSASTURM art laboratory for sustainable development, Bad Blumau, Austria
2013       PURE LAND, film presentation, Gallery Open Source, New York City, USA
2014       Freiwilligenmesse, MAK Vienna
2015       8 signals for the promised land - ART EMBASSY, 18th street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA


2004                  Student choreographic performance, VOT, Vienna, Austria
                          Contemporary dance/theatre performance, Kosmos Theater, Vienna, Austria
                          Die verkaufte Braut, Opera, Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria
2003 - 2005       various acting and dancing workshops with Anna Hauer, Jim Libby, Robyn Lee, John, Pennington, Karin
                          LaBel, Grant  McDaniel, Franco Reffo, Tanja Skok etc.
2005                  In the heat of our own pictures, a PerformanceBridge production, dance theater in the Kosmos Theater, Vienna, Austria
                          Spiral(e) final performance in the Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria
2006                  Der Bauch, music and dance theater for children, Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria
2010                  Performance – Cube der Würde, Galerie Lendl, Graz (Austria)
                          Ich+Tante Rosas Garten, dance theater for children with Compaigne Smafu, Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria
2012                  Elaboration of the Dance film PURE LAND
2013                  Sail-installation and video for Monkey Business, dance theater production by Ákos Hargitay, Dschungel Wien, Austria

FILM PRODUCTIONS in front of and behind the camera

2004            Lotus, music video for the band Comaah, Vienna, Austria
                    Der Fall der Elisabeth K., film for the TV station ORF (national TV)
2009            Filmproduction Tabu Tod“ for the project ANNA IKONA of E. Weissenberger
2010            Filmpresentation Parlamentaktion #02//10 of E. Weissenberger, Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna
2012            Filmpresentation Detonating Gaia, Action #06//12 of E. Weissenberger at ÖsterreichWerbung, Berlin, Germany
                    PURE LAND, dance film, Raiffeisen climate protection initiative, Vienna, Austria
2013            Filmpresentation FranzRosa Around The World, Gallery Stross, Graz, Austria
                    Presentation of the Film FranzRosa Around The World at the IX. Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2014            Presentation of the short film 24h at Pioneers of Change going public event, Vienna
2015            Production of the film Signal #07//15 MI DROGA ES PURA VIDA - ART EMBASSY, Longomai, Costa Rica
                    Film presentation 8 signals for the promised land - ART EMBASSY, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA


since 2009             Contemporary dance courses for adults at Margit Manhard Studios, Vienna (Austria)

 Firstcut – From the idea to the premiere, Videofilm and (Photo)Animationsworkshops in high schools
 Supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Art and Culture

2012                      CSR Dialog, dance and video workshop for CSR-manager