Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Signal #07//15 MI DROGA ES PURAVIDA - ART EMBASSY in Costa Rica

Emmerich Weissenberger blocks the Interamericana!
The Signal "MI DROGA ES PURA VIDA" is directed against the drug trade and for the recognition of the value "PURAVIDA“.
On February 25th 2015 at 5PM the Pan - American Highway (Interamericana), the main artery of the Americas, the carrier of big ideas of progress and development for the new world, a connection between the North and the South, a migration and (drug)transit line was interrupted by the ART ACTION "MI DROGA ES PURA VIDA" in the Central American country of Costa Rica.
The phrase „pura vida“ is used in Costa Rica to greet someone with a positive message. It is not a commercial product, it comes from the people. Instead of saying „hello" you say, „pura vida!“, „everything’s fine!“
The life motif of every Tico (costarrican people), "PURA VIDA", suddenly becomes an
irritating touch. „Droga“ is a taboo that have long penetrated this friendly, multicultural,
conservative society of Costa Rica. The activities of the Mexican drug mafia are no
longer limited to the north, they operate a blow-generating drug trafficking through
Central America that is being culturally and socially destroyed by it.
Weissenberger, the art figure, the heroe in the white overall appeared again (for the 7.
time, this is art action #7!), with a megaphone and flag with M. Pistoletto’s terzo paradiso
sign on it, accompanied by norarufilm, and locked, with the means of art, the Pan-
American Highway.
International artists, Circo Fantazztico and ArtEmbassy, E. Weissenberger & Nora
Ruzsics as ambassadors, appeared in the center of the action and blocked the
INTERAMERICANA for a few minutes, as a SIGNAL for the power of the GOOD, which
is PURAVIDA itself!
The event:
A minibus full with: Weissenberger, norarufilm, circus people, the musician and other
volunteers, was driving northwards on the Pan-American Highway to the nearby
provincial capital of Perez Zeledon. The groomed bus stopped at the main intersection of
San Isidro de el General, and a multilayered installation with clowns and artists and
activists have spread out of it. A large „Mi DROGA ES PURAVIDA" banner and
Weissenberger with a megaphone and a flag appeared and blocked the cars in both
directions. The newly painted, „broken down“ bus of Circo Fantazztico couldn’t be
pushed off the side lane, and a musical performance by Guadalupe Urbina with the
clowns and acrobats of the circus took place...